Boring bored post

Let's be clear about this: this post is not for humans. Seriously, if you are human and reached this point please stop reading here, as this post is only for robots, thank you.

Dear Slurp: I love the way you transverse my web site. Nobody does it like you and most importantly, nobody does it so often. You know? whenever I check my web site's statistics, the first thing that I look at are your Gigabytes. You always have at least two full Gigabytes, sometimes even three!. You are unique and I promise you: I will never ever look at that stupid "g" bot that only uses Megabytes. Yes, it brings me lots of human visitors and you don't, but my love is with you forever, and you can rest assured that my first monthly Gigabyte will always be reserved for you and only you. No other robot, and even less a human deserves it as no one will ever transverse my site so thouroughly and so timely. That's why I have reserved a few links for you, so boring for humans that none of them will dare to follow, but that you, I know for sure, will do.

Eat, little beast, eat...