Bitnami Tomcat 8.5 - native macOS installation cheatsheet


Default install

  • location of apps/sites installed by default: /Applications/bitnami-tomcat/apache-tomcat/webapps/
    • docs/
    • examples/
    • host-manager/: Tomcat Virtual Host Manager
    • manager/: Tomcat manager above
    • ROOT/: Bitnami index page & default Tomcat site above

    Install own app

    The guide above has a paragraph "How To Create A Custom Java Application?". That didn't work for me. Instead, much simpler to drop the app's war file to /Applications/bitnami-tomcat/apache-tomcat/webapps/

    • E.g. you can try with this "hello world" app. You don't even need to restart any server for this one. Otherwise use BAM.